Inspired by the idea that talking and making collectively in a safe setting can facilitate and inspire feminist action through creativity and empathy, I have designed a series live talks and feminist drawing workshop open to participants of all ages, genders and artistic levels. I have hosted these workshops in Canada, France and the UK, and each event is adapted to suit each specific group and location. 

For more information or to book a talk and/or workshop in your town, please contact me at ambivalently.yours(at)

MARIANOPOLIS COLLEGE, Social Justice Associations, April 2017
Montreal, Qc, Canada

Presented at l'Euguélionne Feminist Book Store, Montreal, Canada

Feminist Drawing Workshop, March 2016
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY, Cambridge, UK (Women of the World Conference)
Co-hosted with Actor / writer / creator CLARE MARCIE

Collaborative Drawing workshop, February 2016
Co-hosted with COLLECTIF JUNON, Paris, France