Episode 11: Hannah & AY / by Ambivalently Yours


When we set out to create a podcast, we didn’t have much (okay, any) experience in podcast making. We had a few goals and ideas, we found inspiration in other podcasts we admired, and we relied on support from the amazing Oboro artist-run center in Montreal. Mostly, we had a lot of feelings: a desire to talk about and give time and attention to things belittled or demeaned in the mainstream, tenderness towards the questions sent to AY online, feminist fueled frustrations. In this first episode from the next series of Rebelliously Tiny, we reflect on Season 1, we share the process of creating a second season, talk about the challenges of our Kickstarter campaign, and we discuss our own passions and careers. Use this episode to catch up with us and learn more about Rebelliously Tiny, or even to hear a few tips on starting a creative project from scratch with limited resources and funds.

In keeping with our formula from last season, each episode explores a question received by AY on social media: “I'm about to finish a degree in writing, and I'm struggling with my next step. What I really want to do is publish novels, but I worry that it won't pay the bills (and I guess it never might). I'm worried that if I don't get into a field related to my degree, I will never use it. Family are putting on the pressure to just get any job, get money coming in. What should I do?”

A podcast by Ambivalently Yours
Co-produced by Hannah McCasland

Recorded at Oboro Arist-Run Center in Montreal
Technical support: Stéphane Claude
Music: Greg Barkley