Episode 7: Laura / by Ambivalently Yours

*Content Warning: A very brief and vague discussion of eating disorders

Welcome to another episode of Rebelliously Tiny. Here’s this week’s question: “Are all traditional values bad? I was brought up where my mom did a lot of the basic "housewife" things but my father never demanded her or disrespected her or belittled her… I recently saw a peer post something against traditional values and she identifies as a feminist am I wrong or a hypocrite for having a different opinion? Does that not make me fit to be a feminist (I'm still trying to learn about the feminist movement and wish to have your perspective on this) thank you if you read this.”

In this episode, Ambivalently Yours turns to her best friend, Laura, for help answering this week’s question. Laura recently became a mother to twins, and has some insight on how “traditional values” are often defined. She talks about how feminism isn’t about condemning motherhood, but about dismantling systems that uphold restrictive gender norms. Together, we discuss the concept of “choice” and the importance of choosing jobs and roles that are right for us, despite societal pressures and expectations.

To learn more about Laura: @lauraka on Instagram

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