Episode 6: Crickett / by Ambivalently Yours

*Content Warning: Discussions about Sexual Assault

Welcome to another episode of Rebelliously Tiny. Here’s this week’s question: “I'm going to uni and one of my friends got raped at the beginning of the year. It makes me sick to my stomach that such a high percentage of girls at uni get raped and yet they refuse to do anything about it. She went to the college counselors and the police. Everyone made it seem like it was her fault. The garbage male got her extremely drunk and she thought they were friends, but then he took her to his room and assaulted her. I want to help but it makes me so mad I dont want to scare her.”  


This week, we talk with Crickett, the Public Education Coordinatorat the Sexual Assault Centre of Hamilton, Ontario (SACHA), who helps us reflect upon and answer this question about sexual assault. It is a tough question that outlines the harsh realities of the prevalence of sexual violence in our culture. Our discussion with Crickett gives us hope as it highlights the important work being done to help support survivors and combat the systems and structures that enable this violence to happen. Crickett also shares tips for friends of survivors on how to be supportive, and explains the extreme importance of “loving, trusting, and believing” each other. We tackle topics such as how the media misrepresents and blames victims of sexual assault and the failure of institutions meant to protect them. Lastly, we highlight the importance of self-care for survivors, friends of survivors, and anyone practicing resistance in the current political climate.

To learn more about SACHA please visit: sacha.ca
Facebook: @sachamilton
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