Episode 4: Celia / by Ambivalently Yours

*Content Warning: discussions of mental health issues; online misogyny.

Welcome to the fourth episode of Rebelliously Tiny. Here’s this week’s question: “I have severe anxiety and it's hard for me to do some daily tasks. People roll their eyes at me everyday and tell me to get over it. No one understands that my anxiety is like this demon on my shoulder. I am strong and anxiety does not control me.”

This week, we speak with vlogger, writer and feminist philosopher Celia Edell about mental health. Our question is about anxiety, and Celia has a lot of great advice, including tips about how to get help and what to do when people tell you to “just get over it.” She tells us a little bit about her personal experiences and how they have shaped her perspectives on mental health. We talk about different coping mechanisms like listening to podcasts or watching Gilmore Girls and Teen Mom, and the power of a good cry. Ambivalently Yours and Celia also share experiences of online hate and criticisms, and strategies for ignoring hateful comments. Finally, towards the end of the episode, Zhi Xi, who you may have met in our episode last week, asks Celia for some advice. 

Learn more about Celia’s work at @ceedling on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Tumblr.

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