Episode 3: Zhi Xi / by Ambivalently Yours

*Content Warning: discussions of racism and sexism, mentions of police violence

Welcome to the third episode of Rebelliously Tiny. Here’s this week’s question: “Hi, so as a high school student, I come in contact with misogyny, rape jokes, and overall sexist things quite often. I do my best to stop the person making the comment and tell them why what they said was wrong, but most people just call me a crazy bitch. I'm known in my school as the loud mouthed feminist. Why are people, high schoolers esp, so scared to learn about feminism versus treating it like a joke?”  


This week, our guest Zhi Xi talks with us about high school. We question whether feminism is taken seriously as a topic in high school, why it should be, and where else teenagers might have the chance to learn about feminism and social justice. Zhi Xi talks about useful spaces on the Internet and social media where much of this learning occurs. She also touches upon the complicated aspects of celebrities using their platform to raise awareness about social justice issues and why feminism has to be intersectional. Ambivalently Yours and Zhi Xi relate about embracing feminism and the struggles that can come along with being labeled the “feminist killjoy.”  

A podcast by Ambivalently Yours
Co-produced by Hannah McCasland

Recorded at (with their technical and financial support) Oboro Arist-Run Center in Montreal
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Music: Greg Barkley