Polyester X the Coven: What Does Our Future Hold? / by Ambivalently Yours

ARTISTS INVOLVED: Laurence Philomène (Photographer)Hobbes Ginsberg Photography, Maisie Cousins, Rachel Hodgson, Ambivalently YoursWishcandyEleanor Hardwick, Panteha Abareshi, Chloe Sheppard, Liv Thurley, Lu Williams, Brie Moreno, Kendra Yee, Lora Mathis, Lauren Crow, Grace Miceli, Tayler Smith, Bridget Meyne, Ashley Armitage, Lucky Los Santos, Jasmin Risk, Flora Fauna, Starchild Stela, Louise Reimer, Marlena Synchyshyn, Ian, Simon Fortin, Simone Blain, Amanda Craig, Clio Peppiatt, Ayesha Tan Jones, Nina Goodyer, Matthew Pettit, Georgia Haire, Ellie Hoskins, Ryan Humphrey, Joe Watson Price, Dessy Baeva, Wendy Wong, Saffa Khan, Sahar Gilani, Caitlin Hazell, Ava Asaadi, Hatti Rex, Samantha Conlon, Grace Mirindi, Jessica Dyer, Nicolette Iles, Emily Franklin, Amy Gough, Secret Branch (Hannah Le Feuvre + Carmen Hubbard), Niall Gormley, Rachel Povey, Becky McLoughlin , Sinae Lee, Linn Sundqivist, Isabella Podpadec, Alice Go, Charline Bataille, Bao Ngo, Maggie Brennan, Emily Belanger, Clara Talajik, Zuzu Knew, Jon Estwards, Hugo Lloyd Winder, Kiki Nicole, Denzel Wauchope, Mars Hobrecker, Sonia Choi, Amrit Brar, Swarm, Joy Miessi

❤ A one night only exhibition and accompanying risograph printed tarot deck — co-curated by Polyester ZineThe Coven (art collective) & Isabella Podpadec (Dream Wife). 

With 2016 hurling the world into political turmoil, and our futures seeming more uncertain than ever before — many people have turned to astrology and the world of tarot to seek comfort and reassurance in trying times. However, with the rise of popularity of tarot comes one glaring issue; the lack of diversity within the deck.

Inviting over 50 artists to each design and create their own interpretation of a traditional card, ‘What Does Our Future Hold?’ aims to both explore tarot as a medium for comfort among our peer group and directly address diversity issues by creating our own alternative, feminist, intersectional tarot deck. 

Featuring selected works from the project, the full limited edition, risograph printed tarot deck will be available to purchase on the evening. 

7TH JANUARY 2017 — 6PM ONWARDS, Dye House 451