Winter Soft Market / by Ambivalently Yours

- Accessibility info: 
- Vegan Food will be available on PWYC basis. 
- All age event
- Sober event, no alcohol will be served. 
- Gender neutral bathrooms
- The space is wheelchair accessible.

- Note on safe® space: It is impossible to create an event like this and label it as a safe space, however we are very invested in community building and want everyone to have a good time! This event is hosted by queer people. It is open to all - we are hoping that people be mindful of the space they take and that people respect each other boundaries. You need to ask people before taking their photos. We don’t have control over who will come visit the space and might not be familiar with all the sellers. We encourage people to be respectful and critical (ex. Don’t assume people gender and pronouns, ask people consent before touching them, avoid wearing or culturally appropriative items, ect.).

We are happy to invite you to the very last edition of the Soft Market on Saturday December 10, 2016, at Articule in Montreal! This sweet, wintery, glittery edition should leave you with good vibes to get ready for the cold times ahead! The market is co-organized by Starchild StelaLovestruck prints & Ambivalently Yours

There will be a special photobooth where you can take pics of yourself or friends, or come get your photo taken with our instax mini camera around 2 :)

Ambivalently Yours
Anxiety Slug
Anxious Pea Naturals
Chloé Frédérik
Citizen Luna
Fat Kitty Rising
Femme Crimes Distro
Jon & Hea
Kassandra Robert Illustration
Kyoko Bakaguchi
Laurence Philomene
Le Chat et la Grenouille
Lovely Day Crochett
Lovestruck prints
Lyndsie Alguire
Pascale Lamoureux-Miron
Samia Alami
Sarah Penina
Starchild Stela
Sucrose Collective
Valérie Bastille Naylemonstre