Ambivalently Yours: Open Studio & Artist Talk / by Ambivalently Yours

Ambivalently Yours: 91 Days of Drawing
June 11, 2015
Open Studio: 4pm - 7pm, CCA Artist Flat
Artist Talk: 7pm, CCA Clubroom
Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow

During my three-month artist residency at the CCA than began in early April, I am committed to answering as many Tumblr messages and drawings requests as humanly possible while also attempting to critically reflect upon the act of sharing art online.

On June 11, I will open the doors to the CCA artist flat, where I have lived and worked throughout my residency. Wallpapered with over 100 drawings, the space has been transformed into a physical representation of my artistic process. The open-studio will be followed by a talk at 7pm, which will provide a glimpse into the unpredictable and often erratic nature of my feminist web-based practice.

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