We need your help! The first season of the Rebelliously Tiny podcast premiered in May 2017, and features conversations about growing up, feminism, anxiety, sexual, gender and racial identity, sexual violence, body image, toxic masculinity, depression and more. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and now we are ready to start working on season 2. We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund our studio time, production costs and allow us to compensate our collaborators. Please help support this project by donating to our campaign and/or by sharing it with your family and friends. Thank you!

A podcast by Ambivalently Yours
Co-produced by Hannah McCasland
MusiC by Greg Barkley

New Podcast: Rebelliously Tiny by Ambivalently Yours

A podcast by Ambivalently Yours
Co-produced by Hannah McCasland

Rebelliously Tiny is a podcast about the subtle emotions that draw us together. For the last five years, I have been exploring my ambivalence and feminist questions by posting pink drawings on my Tumblr blog. Eventually, people started responding to my work by sharing their personal stories with me and asking me for advice, often anonymously. Since I’m in no way qualified to tell anyone what to do, I began answering these messages with ambivalent drawings. Today, I have over 1000 messages waiting in my inbox, and I’ve decided to ask for a little help responding to them. Each episode of this podcast will focus on one question, which I will discuss with someone I admire and trust, who I met through or because of the Internet. Our goal will not be to provide answers, but to explore the tender emotions we are often told are unimportant while highlighting the value of talking to each other instead of about each other. I will mark each episode by creating a drawing inspired by both the initial question and the conversation it sparked.

In a world that teaches us that strength is loud, harsh and masculine, this is a place for those of us whose struggle is both impossibly large and rebelliously tiny.

A podcast by Ambivalently Yours
Co-produced by Hannah McCasland

Recorded at (with their technical and financial support) Oboro Arist-Run Center in Montreal
Technical support: Stéphane Claude
Music: Greg Barkley

The Clowder Pop-up April 1st, 2017 by Ambivalently Yours

You are invited to the very first The Clowder Pop-Up shop on April 1st, 2017, from noon to 7pm. 

It’s an occasion to buy arts and crafts directly from artists; Art prints, jewelery, clothing, art, zines, stickers, tea, body products, patches, pins, potery, knitting, crochet, books, tote bags, greeting cards and more!

The Clowder, which means gang of cats, is a non-profit project created by Lovestruck Prints and Ambivalently Yours. Our aim is to organise events for artists with shared values (collaboration, support & diversity) and to create safe spaces where they can meet, support each other and show and sell their work. The Clowder is also an opportunity for members of the community to buy original, amazing and local arts & crafts! 

The pop-up is going to take place at Articule artist-run center, 262 Fairmount west. You can get there with the 80 or 55 bus, or about a 10-15 walk from Laurier metro. The space is wheelchair accessible and has a non gendered bathroom. Some coffee and snacks will be sold on a pwyc basis. There will also be a photobooth where you can have a polaroid photo taken for 2$. If you have any questions or concerns about accessibility please contact us via our facebook page or at

The Clowder, which means gang of cats, is a non-profit project created by Lovestruck Prints and Ambivalently Yours. Our aim is to organise events for artists with shared values (collaboration, support & diversity) and to create safe spaces where they can meet, support each other and show and sell their work. The Clowder is also an opportunity for members of the community to buy original, amazing and local arts & crafts! 

Participating artists:
Ambivalently Yours -
Becca Love -
Le Chat et la Grenouille
Dionoski -
La Façade
Church of Goatbunny
Hea Kim & Camille -
Hochet Gaga
Karen Vaquilar
Lovely Day Crochet
Lovestruck prints -
Lyndsie Alguire -
Myriam Bourgeois
Samia Alami Merrouni
Tommi Parrish - 
Swarm - IG @sw_rm
Zola Montreal -


* Safe Space guidelines: As inclusiveness is always at the heart of our concerns, we hope to create a safer space without culturally appropriative, transphobic, ablelist, sexist (etc) items. We also ask that all people attending the event abstain from wearing any clothing or hairstyle that could be culturally appropriative or offensive, and to not assume people’s pronouns during the event.


Polyester X the Coven: What Does Our Future Hold? by Ambivalently Yours

ARTISTS INVOLVED: Laurence Philomène (Photographer)Hobbes Ginsberg Photography, Maisie Cousins, Rachel Hodgson, Ambivalently YoursWishcandyEleanor Hardwick, Panteha Abareshi, Chloe Sheppard, Liv Thurley, Lu Williams, Brie Moreno, Kendra Yee, Lora Mathis, Lauren Crow, Grace Miceli, Tayler Smith, Bridget Meyne, Ashley Armitage, Lucky Los Santos, Jasmin Risk, Flora Fauna, Starchild Stela, Louise Reimer, Marlena Synchyshyn, Ian, Simon Fortin, Simone Blain, Amanda Craig, Clio Peppiatt, Ayesha Tan Jones, Nina Goodyer, Matthew Pettit, Georgia Haire, Ellie Hoskins, Ryan Humphrey, Joe Watson Price, Dessy Baeva, Wendy Wong, Saffa Khan, Sahar Gilani, Caitlin Hazell, Ava Asaadi, Hatti Rex, Samantha Conlon, Grace Mirindi, Jessica Dyer, Nicolette Iles, Emily Franklin, Amy Gough, Secret Branch (Hannah Le Feuvre + Carmen Hubbard), Niall Gormley, Rachel Povey, Becky McLoughlin , Sinae Lee, Linn Sundqivist, Isabella Podpadec, Alice Go, Charline Bataille, Bao Ngo, Maggie Brennan, Emily Belanger, Clara Talajik, Zuzu Knew, Jon Estwards, Hugo Lloyd Winder, Kiki Nicole, Denzel Wauchope, Mars Hobrecker, Sonia Choi, Amrit Brar, Swarm, Joy Miessi

❤ A one night only exhibition and accompanying risograph printed tarot deck — co-curated by Polyester ZineThe Coven (art collective) & Isabella Podpadec (Dream Wife). 

With 2016 hurling the world into political turmoil, and our futures seeming more uncertain than ever before — many people have turned to astrology and the world of tarot to seek comfort and reassurance in trying times. However, with the rise of popularity of tarot comes one glaring issue; the lack of diversity within the deck.

Inviting over 50 artists to each design and create their own interpretation of a traditional card, ‘What Does Our Future Hold?’ aims to both explore tarot as a medium for comfort among our peer group and directly address diversity issues by creating our own alternative, feminist, intersectional tarot deck. 

Featuring selected works from the project, the full limited edition, risograph printed tarot deck will be available to purchase on the evening. 

7TH JANUARY 2017 — 6PM ONWARDS, Dye House 451


Winter Soft Market by Ambivalently Yours

- Accessibility info: 
- Vegan Food will be available on PWYC basis. 
- All age event
- Sober event, no alcohol will be served. 
- Gender neutral bathrooms
- The space is wheelchair accessible.

- Note on safe® space: It is impossible to create an event like this and label it as a safe space, however we are very invested in community building and want everyone to have a good time! This event is hosted by queer people. It is open to all - we are hoping that people be mindful of the space they take and that people respect each other boundaries. You need to ask people before taking their photos. We don’t have control over who will come visit the space and might not be familiar with all the sellers. We encourage people to be respectful and critical (ex. Don’t assume people gender and pronouns, ask people consent before touching them, avoid wearing or culturally appropriative items, ect.).

We are happy to invite you to the very last edition of the Soft Market on Saturday December 10, 2016, at Articule in Montreal! This sweet, wintery, glittery edition should leave you with good vibes to get ready for the cold times ahead! The market is co-organized by Starchild StelaLovestruck prints & Ambivalently Yours

There will be a special photobooth where you can take pics of yourself or friends, or come get your photo taken with our instax mini camera around 2 :)

Ambivalently Yours
Anxiety Slug
Anxious Pea Naturals
Chloé Frédérik
Citizen Luna
Fat Kitty Rising
Femme Crimes Distro
Jon & Hea
Kassandra Robert Illustration
Kyoko Bakaguchi
Laurence Philomene
Le Chat et la Grenouille
Lovely Day Crochett
Lovestruck prints
Lyndsie Alguire
Pascale Lamoureux-Miron
Samia Alami
Sarah Penina
Starchild Stela
Sucrose Collective
Valérie Bastille Naylemonstre


Future Memories (HTMlles Festival) by Ambivalently Yours

Ambivalently Yours (Montréal)
Sophia Borowska (Montréal)
Zinnia Naqvi (Toronto)
Zeesy Powers (Toronto)

Exhibition: November 5th to December 4th, 2015
Opening: November 5th, 8pm

Each in their own way, the four artists presented as part of the exhibition Future Memories reflect on technology as a narrative space that is also a sharing space. By using different media, from video to textile, the artists challenge what separates the private from the public, and where the actual limit of that sharing is. All four present work about memory, or a past image, so that it survives in the future. 

This exhibition is part of the HTMlle Festival.

more info

Camp Pop-up Gallery & Shop by Ambivalently Yours

CAMP pop-up gallery and shop
July 2nd - July 29, 2016
4334 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8

“Camp taste is a kind of love, love for human nature. It relishes, rather than judges, the little triumphs and awkward intensities of “character.” … Camp taste identifies with what it is enjoying. People who share this sensibility are not laughing at the thing they label as “a camp,” they’re enjoying it. Camp is a tender feeling.”

- Notes On “Camp” by Susan Sontag, Published in 1964.

Camp is a place, a verb, an adjective. It’s playful and nostalgic, it’s always elsewhere and temporary. Removed from the predictability of daily life, Camp allows us to step out of our routines and approach issues as an altered and sometimes more audacious version of ourselves. 


What happens when art and activism go to Camp? Is the work more daring and open when displaced into a collectively ephemeral state? Can serious action and ideas emerge from the light-hearted spirit of a camp-inspired setting? It is these ideas that we will explore at Camp, our month-long pop-up event hosted in the heart of the Montreal summer heat. Co-curated by artists Starchild StelaLaurence Philomene and Ambivalently Yours, this art exhibition, shop and workshop series aims to highlight the work of artists who were born to be Camp stars. The exhibition will be divided into two acts, the first will showcase the work of a curated group of artists exploring ideas of Camp and the second will celebrate all of our femme-inspired friendships. All of the artists involved in this event came together through the concept of Camp, be it online (a digital equivalent to camp, with its detachment from reality and playful nature) or through their art. 

With Camp, we aim to create a space of our own, where soft femme sentiment and unapologetic feminist fury can comfortably coexist. Our Camp is a place where everything thought of as frivolous and fleeting suddenly has the potential to be radical and everlasting. 

For more info, please visit:

Winter Soft Market by Ambivalently Yours

As the cold times are coming up, we are creating a little cozy pop-up shop centered around the ideas of softness, friendship & self care. We are happy to invite you in our warm bubble for a day :)

List of participants:
- Lovestruck Prints
- Femme-Crimes Distro / Starchild Stela
- Girlplague
- Craft Cat Print
- Swarm
- Ningyomocha
- Laurence Philomene
- Ambivalently Yours
- Juniper Dulse
- Flora Hammond
- Atelier Limonade
- Under the Rug club
- Vile Child
- Niwloo
- Naylemonstre
- Rose Ghostly
- AnxietySlug
- Impurebuttercup
- Raja

Feminist drawing night! by Ambivalently Yours

Feminist drawing night!
With art by Ambivalently Yours
& music by DJ Killjoy

October 1st, 2015, 6:30 pm to 9 pm

Café L’Artère
7000, Avenue du Parc, bureau 102
Montréal, Québec H3N 1X1

Bring your art supplies and feminist feels and join artist Ambivalently Yours for a feminist drawing night at Café l’Artère. The event will feature music by DJ Killjoy and will be your last chance to see the exhibition “As Seen on Tumblr” by Ambivalently Yours.

DJ Killjoy bio:
Born in "Montreal" (unyielded Mohawk territory), she loves aqua green, double chocolate Oreos, and making people dance. She comes from a family of DJs, but only started mixing recently, and is excited to turn on the dance floor. In summary: a queer Jewish Anglo who likes to party ... That's all you need to know!


Soirée de dessin féministe!
Avec des œuvres par Ambivalently Yours
et de la musique par DJ Killjoy

1er octobre 2015, 18h30 à 21h

Café L’Artère
7000, Avenue du Parc, bureau 102
Montréal, Québec H3N 1X1

Apportez votre matériel artistique et vos émotions féministes et joignez-vous à l'artiste Ambivalently Yours pour une soirée de dessin féministe au Café l'Artère. L’évènement mettra en vedette la musique de DJ Killjoy et sera votre dernière chance de voir l'exposition “As Seen on Tumblr” par Ambivalently Yours.

DJ Killjoy bio:
Née à "Montréal" (territoire mohawk non cédé), aime bcp le vert aqua, les Oreos double chocolat et faire danser les gens. Elle vient d'une famille de DJ, mais mixe depuis peu, et est excitée d'allumer le dance floor. En résumé : une juive queer et anglo qui aime faire la fête... That's all you need to know!



GROUP EXHIBITION: BOW TOWN by Ambivalently Yours

Starchild Stela and Zuzu Knew have been wanting to curate an art show featuring the ultra femme & feminist aesthetics for a while. Now, thanks to Billy Mavreas, we have a chance to do so in his space from September 16th to October 4th at Monastiraki - Le Petit Monastère in Montreal. 

The idea underlying this show is that we absolutely need to make Montreal a bow town, not a bro town. We are tired of the boring old mentality going around art galleries and feeling unsafe in the streets. We want softness and femme power to take over this city!

To be featured will be work around the concepts of:
Bow Town, Bows Before Bros, High Femme, Ultra Feminine, Hard femme/ Soft femme, Bows For Balance, Bow Down and infinity.

Vernissage will be held September 16 at 6PM. Vegan cupcakes will be served (from Byrdsheese - Fromages véganes!), and we will launch a zine and sticker pack featuring all the artists participating in the show!

♥♥♥ magical tunes provided by Dj shakti-in-flux ♥♥♥

Featuring artwork by local and international artists of different backgrounds and mediums:

-Ambivalently Yours
-Beth Frey
-Clara B
-Cissa Jackson
-Fiona Smyth
-Flora Hammond
-Ginette Lapalme
-Holly Ruth Anderson
-Ian Langohr
-Ivy Atoms
-Jenn Woodall
-Jesse Purcell
-Jon Vaughn
-Jonny Petersen
-La Fille Bertha
-Laura Harte
-Laurence Philomene
-Lenore Claire Herrem
-Lindsay Campbell
-Lora Mathis

-Louise Reimer
-Lovestruck prints
-Naylemonstre Art
-Mary Tremonte
-Mimi Chrzanowski
-Peter Kalyniuk
-Sarah Bourget
-Simon Fortin
-Sera Jolteon Stanton
-Squid Vishuss
-Starchild Stela
-Sylvia Munson
-Tiffany Paige
-Tyr Jami
-Vile Child
-Zuzu Knew


Café l'Artère
7000, Avenue du Parc, bureau 102
Montréal, Québec
H3N 1X1
Septembre 2015

This exhibition includes a selection of original drawings bearing the traces of my feminist collaborations online. These drawings have never been exhibited in public, but their online digital equivalents have received enthusiastic attention on social media. As the title implies, they are works that have never been seen, yet they’re also a little déjà vu, as seen on Tumblr.


Cette exposition comprend une sélection de dessins originaux portant les traces de ces collaborations féministes en ligne. Ces dessins n’ont jamais été exposés au grand public mais leurs équivalents numériques en ligne ont reçu une attention enthousiaste dans les médias sociaux. Le titre le dit, ce sont des œuvres jamais vues mais néanmoins déjà vues, as seen on Tumblr.

Ambivalently Yours: Open Studio & Artist Talk by Ambivalently Yours

Ambivalently Yours: 91 Days of Drawing
June 11, 2015
Open Studio: 4pm - 7pm, CCA Artist Flat
Artist Talk: 7pm, CCA Clubroom
Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow

During my three-month artist residency at the CCA than began in early April, I am committed to answering as many Tumblr messages and drawings requests as humanly possible while also attempting to critically reflect upon the act of sharing art online.

On June 11, I will open the doors to the CCA artist flat, where I have lived and worked throughout my residency. Wallpapered with over 100 drawings, the space has been transformed into a physical representation of my artistic process. The open-studio will be followed by a talk at 7pm, which will provide a glimpse into the unpredictable and often erratic nature of my feminist web-based practice.

Facebook event 
For more info